PAYMILL announces insolvency

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PAYMILL announces insolvency in self-administration –
M&A process on the home stretch

The Munich-based Payment Service Provider PAYMILL has submitted a request for self-administered insolvency to the insolvency court Munich on 04/25/2015. Supported by lawyers Dr. Christian Gerloff, Gerloff Liebler Rechtsanwälte München, (trustee) and Vincenz von Braun, anchor Rechtsanwälte München (restructuring expert and now managing director of PAYMILL), PAYMILL founders Mark Fabian Henkel and Jörg Sutara will now continue merger and acquisition (M&A) negotiations.

The operational business is continued to its full extent and the payout of registered merchants is ensured because of the settlement by the participating banks. We will provide solutions for any potential scenario and inform you in time about the next steps. The staff stands behind their company and continues business operations as usual.

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To se zgodi, če meni zavrnejo account.
Upam da se bodo drugi kaj naučili iz tega - bom obvestil Ayden in Stripe, da naj account approvajo .. or else.


To je bil kar pogost scenarij.
Mi smo nehal stranke referat ke, ker so imeli res banalne odgovore že počasi.

Eno stranko so nam zavrnili, ker je imel shop drugje kot je bil sedež podjetja.
Ostalo all legal.

Kaj priporočate kot alternativa? Razen Stripe in Braintree...