Instalacija peatio v 2.1 (kripto menjalnica)

Za partnerja iščem rešitev (ponudbo), za kakšno ceno ste pripravljeni uspešno pomagati pri inštalacije skripte za spletno menjalnico znanje: ruby,react,mysql,rake etc.

specifikacije v angleščini:

1)setup on my vps with 32 gb of ram, eight cores and 800 gb ssd hdd
2)setting of ssl,domain,email,2fa ,rechapta,change admins and all setting needed
3)setting of blockchain,eth,btc,needycoin on an external vps
4)adding the page similar to
5)how to add admins,future coins (which filed must be edited, and all commands needed to start,stop and restart the script after the changes,documentations complete
6)whats about security?
7)landing page similar to with table of markets and so on
8)api page if i remember well with swagger something similar to "swagger?url=/api/v2/swagger"
9)how to add new pages
10)ui is in the package with some customizzation,logo,colors and so on. (
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