Svetovna revolucija v spletnem nakupovanju iz Slovenije za 24 mio$ ?

Eligma will create a blockchain-tracked Digital Item Profile (DIP) for every item purchased through the platform, where users can store several
records, including Proofs of Purchase ... Eligma will not be collecting entire datasets from online stores because some of that data might be incomplete or inaccurate and because we already possess the correct product data in our product database .... Eligma will be focused on collecting data, specific for each individual online store:Price,Shipping countries, Shipping options, Shipping price, Shipping duration,User reviews, Timestamp, Warranty details).... Eligma’s “one-cart” interface will enable users to add products from different online stores in one unified shopping cart and to only go through the checkout
process once ... we will also enable cryptocurrency purchases through Eligma’s internal cryptocurrency payment gateway. This means that users will not need to wait and hope for those online stores to implement it ..... users will be able to scan the barcode (EAN, UPC) or QR code of a product displayed in a physical store ... To make C2C transactions safer for the user, Eligma will offer two solutions to both trading parties. With its Escrow service, Eligma will act as a trusted intermediary and ensure fairness of contractual terms. The second option is a completely decentralized sale on the blockchain,
where both parties will make a deposit into a smart contract as a guarantee. These deposits
and the buyer’s payment will remain locked until the contract terms are fulfilled.

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